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Saturday, August 09, 2003

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Friday Dec 19
Thanks to Whistle B. Currier who guest-hosts HotSeat4Judges, tonight! 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Saturday Dec 20

From: Gordon Watts, PRO SE litigant, College Graduate, and Lakeland, Florida Citizen
To: Local News Media
Subject: Press Release - new papers filed in Terri Schiavo case
Date: Sat 06 Dec 2003

Copies of the briefs, which I have filed, are available at the various courts (6th Circuit in Pinellas Cty, 2nd Appellate DCA, here in Lakeland, and Fla Supreme Court) - for a fee - and copies are available online at:

http://HomeTown.AOL.com/Gww1210 or


That's the "short" version. If you are up to it, here is the longer version:

I have become involved (filed legal papers) in the Terri Schiavo case. Yes, I know it's been a complicated case, but the general public still has misconceptions - to wit:

People to whom I've spoken (and I've found almost no exceptions - after speaking with many people) almost all think that what happened to Schiavo was both legal and court-ordered. ** IN TRUTH: Some of what happened to her was questionalble but legal (removal of feeding tube), but other stuff was ILLEGAL, as removal of "regular" food constitutes "mercy-killing," prohibited by the statutes (outlined in just ONE of my "Schiavo" suits), which prohibit the like of Dr. Jack Kevorkian from "doing his thing." (This would suggest your news organization needs to inform the public, so miconceptions like this will cease: The courts never ordered the withholding of "regular" food - and the fact that she may not be able to eat regualr food - like world-renowned physicist, Dr. Stephen Hawking or "Supreman" actor, Christopher Reeves - is of no import - as the law makes no provision for consideration of these topics. The law is clear and unambiguous on this matter: Mercy-Killing, be it by starvation, lethal injection, or whatever, is *ILLEGAL*.)

In short, I am now making a "global" press release, but I still would not mind feedback on styling it so it will be well-received by the "persons-in-power" at the local news media -- a life - and the "Rule of Law" - hang in the balance - and, I have two "types" of lawsuits filed:

(1) The Amicus Curiae, a "friend of the court" brief, which anyone (such as ACLU or some out-of-state organization) can file - and I, as a Florida Citizen, have even more legal standing, as the Amicus deals with a Florida Law. (I support Big Jeb! in his contention that "Terri's Law" is not unconstitutional.) I have only filed one of these "archetypes," and it was very short and to the point, becasue most of the issues had already been covered - and just needed clarification.

(2) The second "type" is a petition for some of the great writs, the most notably, of course, being the Writ of Habeas Corpus, which can test ANY type of illegal deprivation of justice, but is most commonly used to test illegal jailing and also illegal taking of a child in custedy cases - spousal disputes, in fact. Here, I have filed as "next friend" in three (3) different courts authorized to hear Habeas pleas, and this is "shakey" legal standing, but since *no one* else has asked the court to test these problems, someone must, and I am that someone. In fact, I have asked the court for four original writs: a Mandamus to compel the local police to uphold the euthenasi / mercy-killing laws, a Writ of Prohibition, which would prohibit the lower courts from exceeding their authority in their attempts to stop rehabilitation, which other courts have not only ordered, but also funded - and lastly, a writ of Quo Warranto, which would ask certain parties (chiefly, estranged husband Michael Schiavo) "by what right" he illegally attemts a mercy killing (or, if Terri was unwilling, an attempted felony murder). "Quo Warranto" is best-known to ask "by what right" a person holds a certain office.

Now, I've only sought the opinions of a few news media source so far, so, if my computer flakes out and/or if something else prevents me from getting this press release out, you are one of few people who has "up-to-date" information on these matters. (It is a shame that other lawyers, such as the ACLU, ACLJ, or Schindler family attorney Pat Fields Anderson haven't brought up these points, but they are VALID, and must be brought up or one thing MIGHT happen, namely Terri Schiavo illegally killed in "mercy-killing" and a second thing *would positively* happen, namely that the Rule of Law be broken, and bad precedent set to endanger *all* citizens, you, me, and anyone and everyone.)

Two Quotes from me: "What good does it do the Fla Legislature to write new law - Terri's Law - if they can't even get police to enforce current euthenasi and mercy killing laws?"

"Although I might get a chilly response from some people trying to fight for "Terri's Law," becasue of perceptions that my Habeas pleadings might 'rock the boat,' it is of no import to me: The current law needs to be enforced, and then we can talk about defending the newly crafted "Terri's Law," but nonetheless, I still think that it is not unconstitutional, as I outline in my Amicus Brief, all of six pages long, brief and to-the-point, covering all the major constitutional issues."

Thank you for your feedback and for covering the news. I only hope you will cover this matter in its time and place, based on facts, and not "later," based on - or waiting for - some response from some "well-known" type, the target of a papparazzi-type news coverage. Thank you once again for your time and effort. (Please see below for a letter I wrote, asking for advice and expressing some candid opinions.)


Gordon W. Watts

Friday Dec 5
Web-Top Consultants, Inc.

Kevin Hart

General Manager

Kevin Hart is the Ohioan's leading authority on the State of Ohio income tax and how the government illegally collects it. He has written more on the subject of the Ohio income tax sham than any other Ohioan.

Available on CD-ROM or FLOPPY Disk, Kevin Details HOW TO FILE AN OHIO IT-1040 ZERO RETURN and to be able to peacefully at night, knowing that you filed an honest tax return. Thousands of Ohioans no longer pay any Ohio income taxes because of the information contained on these disks. Mr. Hart has been a regular guest of Pastor Ernie Sander’s “What Right, What’s Left” Radio Talk P:rogram heard on http://www.crusaderadio.com and on his own program on Saturday Morning at 10am-12 noon EST at http://www.crusaderadio.com. He teaches regularly on the subject of State of Ohio Income Taxes and does extensive research on the subject of Taxation. Mr. Hart consults on Tax Issues for $170.00 per hour. He is the General Manager and Founder of Web-Top Consultants Inc., which he started in August 1997.

In 1982, while in the United States Army, Mr. Hart stopped paying the federal income tax. Since then, Mr. Hart has fought long and hard in the courts, before his Representatives, in numerous documents and publications, exposing and fighting the destructive, unconstitutional practices of the Government of the State of Ohio.

His current Disk, State of Ohio Letters and Lawsuits shows you:

How you can immediately stop having income taxes taken from your pay;
How to get back every dime you paid in income taxes this year;
How to stop ODT agents from seizing your property... a power no ODT agent possesses;
How to break "offer and compromise" agreements you might have with the ODT, since these agreements were entered into on the basis of fraud and intimidation;
Get Kevin’s upcoming book (that will be published soon), materials and start enjoying life again, with more of your money to spend as you see fit. Finally, you can get the ODT off your back and out of your life – forever!!! Most of the money you send to Columbus gets shoveled down the State rat hole. Remember, "The power to tax involves the power to destroy" and that's what those drunken sailors in the Ohio Legislature have been doing -- destroying Ohio with your Tax Dollars. It’s your patriotic "duty" not to let the bums in Columbus get away with highway robbery. Learn how you can immediately stop paying all income taxes, have a claim to get back all the money you have paid this year, and get the ODT out of your life. forever!!!

Saturday Dec 6

Friday Nov 28
Char Crawford
Former law enforcement officer, ran for sheriff

Saturday Nov 29
Jeni Stewart on behalf of her husband, Terry
Violation of due process and civil rights, currently in prison

Friday Nov 7
Dottie Lafortune, Biddeford, Maine
Update about her situation in the taking of her home.

Saturday Nov 8
Guest will talk about the American Disability Act

Saturday October 11
Marc Stevens

I¹d like to be a guest on your show because I believe your audience will find Adventures not only informative and challenging, but also very entertaining. MY BOOK SHATTERS CONVENTIONAL THOUGHT.
I¹ve worked for the past eight years as a consultant/analyst with people from Arizona, California, Washington, New York, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana, Texas and Maine.
During this time, I¹ve seen first hand what was and wasn¹t effective when dealing with bureaucratic attacks. From this I developed a simple approach for dealing with bureaucrats. This led to certain discoveries; these discoveries are the basis for my first book in a series with Moses Antonio: Marc Stevens¹ Adventures in Legal Land: Where black is white and white is black and other shocking discoveries from America¹s courtrooms.
Adventures is a unique and biting satire of the "legal system" and the shocking discoveries made after being forced into "court." Mixing real life events, common sense, fantasy and humor, Adventures strips bare the "legalese" and disperses the cloud of secrecy and air of legitimacy the "state" has enjoyed for far too long. Is a "state" attorney¹s inability to prove he has a client a fluke, or is it a clue to something much, much bigger? It raises another question, "Is it possible that what you think is real is just a public relations scheme?"
Adventures challenges your very belief there is, or ever was, something called a "state." You may never look at the world the same way again after reading this book. If there is no "state," then what else is or isn¹t real?
Other radio shows I¹ve appeared on include, Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock at 1310 AM in Phoenix, Arizona, the Kitty Kay Show at KTKK 630 Am Salt Lake City, Valley Talk on KGAL 1580 AM in Oregon and the Geoff Metcalf Show in Sacramento. Adventures is featured in Laissez Faire Books: www.lfb.com, who described Adventures as "humorously insightfulŠ An irreverent book!"
Guaranteed to be humorous, shocking and informative! If you¹re interested, or want more information, please feel free to contact me at (480) 830-8293, or marcstevens@adventuresinlegalland.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Marc Stevens

Friday, October 17
Dottie Lafortune, Maine - Property Rights

I am involved in a property rights case in the York County Superior Court, Alfred Maine.

The first filing (June 2002) against the City of Biddeford has not yet been heard. Docket # AP-02-036 Clerk of the Court, Diane Hill (207)324-5122.

However, a FED (forcible entry and detainer) was filed (July 22, 2002) against me. A hearing was held in the district court, judgement for the plaintiff; I appealed to the superior court, appealed denied; I filed a timely appeal with the Maine Supreme Court, the Law Court and an Injunction to stop the issusance of the writ of possession until all hearings, issues, etc. are resolved.

Judge Paul Fritzsche's order issuing the writ "forthwith" is docket # AP-03-012. He can't get away with doing this. He knows there is pending litigation against the city in the very courthouse that he sits.

Maine Supreme Court, the Law Court
Clerk of Court, James Chute (207)822-4146
Docket # YOR-03-292
My brief is due July 9, 2003

I thank all of you for your help. I appreciate your understanding that I must take a firm stand on this.

Dottie Lafortune

Property Rights Case, Maine Update

From Stanley Scoop 07/05/03

Update In Maine

I've been busy writing briefs, etc. and will now give you an update as to
what is happening with my case. At this moment, I am waiting for the Maine
Supreme Court's decision of their stay of the writ of possession against
me. First, a little background.

June 4, 2003: My appeal of York County Superior Court Judge Paul
order (June 3, 2003) was docketed in the Maine Supreme Court. I appealed
his denial of my jury trial demand, pending litigation against the City of
Biddeford which was filed before the forcible entry & detainer against me
and his issuance of a writ of possession against me.

July 9, 2003: My brief due in the Maine Supreme Court.

June 5, 2003: I filed an Injuction in the Maine Supreme Court against the
issuance of the writ of possession.- no action taken.

June 19, 2003: I was served with a writ of possession

June 20, 2003: I filed a motion for emergency hearing for injunction
against the writ of possession

June 20, 2003: A protest was held in front of Biddeford City Hall; we
awaited the decision of the Maine Supreme Court on my Emergency
Injunction. Late

afternoon, I received word that a "stay" of the injunction was granted.
Maine Supreme Court Justice, Don Levy, stayed the writ of possession with
an order that I file a brief on or before June 27, 2003 which I did.
(attached) Tim Q. Ly's attorney was to file his brief on or before July 7,
2003 and I may file a reply brief on or before 11:00 a,m, on July 9th,

June 30, 2003 (Monday) : I received a letter from the Maine Supreme
Clerk, James Chute, stating that I must send 8 additional copies of my
brief to the court.

July 3, 2003: I submitted my additional 8 copies to the Maine Supreme
Court, in hand. My discussion with Marsha, a clerk in the court's office,
was total confusion on the part of the clerk's office. Marsha did not have
my file at hand and was totally confused as to the prodecure in this case.
She asked that I call the office later in the day when James Chute, Clerk,
would be in the office. As we spoke, Mr. Chute entered the office. I
stated that if this office was

confused about the procedure in this case, how could I follow the rules
and comply when this office was confused. I asked about my appeal,
docketed on June 4, 2003 and the court's requesting of 8 additional copies
of my brief in

response to Justice Levy's order, dated June 20th. I was told by James
Chute, clerk, that Judge Levy's order supercedes my appeal. The brief I
submitted, pursuant to Levy's order, has been added to an excellerated
list and IS my appeal. I questioned the rules of appellant procedure vs.
injunction, and was told that they do not have rules for every issue
presented. This court is considering my injunction as an appeal, but not
following appellant rules of procedure. I was told that Atty. Jens-Peter
Bergen has filed for an extention of time because he had previous vacation
plans and his son was home from college and needed more time. I filed, and
orally objected to the extension of time (attached), and mailed it out

As you will see, Atty. Bergen received notice on June 20th of Justice
Levy's order; that I sent Atty. Bergen my brief on June 27th, which he
should have received on June 28th and has had ample time to reply or
request an extension of time. He has had 10 days to reply and wants an
extension. I am ordered to reply to his brief within 24 hours or less. I
will reply! As an attorney, he is more qualified than I am and should NOT
be given an extension of time.

During my conversation with James Chute, Clerk of the Courts, I
mentioned that
York County attorneys have a habit of filing "whatever" on the weekend,
Fridays, or a holiday, such as this weekend. The courts are not open and I
am at a disadvantage. I mentioned that mail sent to me from the
neighboring town, which I should receive the next day, I don't receive
until 4 days later. I questioned Atty. Bergen's reply brief and what
happens if I do not receive his brief before July 9th. Mr. Chute said
"we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." I replied "I know there's a
bridge ahead and I want to have my canoe and paddle in order to "cross
that bridge." He replied again, "we'll cross that bridge when we get to

As it stands right now, my appeal is consolidated into this Emergency
Injunction" that I have filed. The Maine Supreme Court must consider my
original complaint against the City of Biddeford. Whether they will or
not, I don't know. I do know that I WILL DEFEND MY PROPERTY!

We are planning another rally in front of the Maine Supreme Court on
and/or Wednesday, July 7th &/or 8th. If you, and your friends, can be
there, it will benefit all people in Maine and throughout this United
States! Please contact me if you, and others, can participate.

Please let me know if you have received this e-mail.


Friday Sept 5
Donna Crowder

My name is Donna Crowder. I am an Army Veteran one of the first females to be trained in an all coed combat basic, 1978. I joined as nurse and military trained me as mechanic. I have been a nurse for over 20 years. As a mother and a grandmother who did give testimony at the Sacramento State Capital in front of the Senate Health and Human Services to speak out on this families true story regarding the abuses of power within our C.P.S Agencies and how we must hold C.P.S accountable to the people. I took my case of murder cover up and cover up of illegal activities to Superior court as proper. This case was kicked to Federal court and Federal court judge stated this needs to go to F.B.I.
I am now in the run for Merced City Council. As a nurse, I will fight very hard for the medical needs of our citizens, as an Army veteran, I will fight very hard for our veterans and our veteran's families, as one who knows thru her own personnal experiences how easy it is for elected public officials to cover up when mistakes are made against others, I will start a citizens review board for accountability.

Sat Sept 6
Gloria Wright
, Hendersonville, NC
CLEAN, www.cleanteam.info

Gloria's statement:

I am the grandmother of 14 year old Noah -- he is a child my husband and I raised the first 5½ years of his life.

On February 13, 2003, we were awarded full custody of Noah, while the rights of the parents were terminated for being unfit parents. This was no fluke or a quick deal as we have fought for this child's very life and his custody since he was 5½.

His mother is our daughter and she suffers grievous mental illness, including bipolar and has been caught in the act of Munschausen By Proxy several times by doctors who reported it to DSS to no avail. We now have in our care a severely damaged youngster while 4 years of age is stuck somewhere between 6 and 70!

He has been badly abused with drugs and diagnosis and can't seem to find 14 years of age yet!! During all these years of struggle for Noah, Department of Social Services, Buncombe County, Asheville, NC knew of the ongoing abuse of this child, concealed and denied it and did not protect him but rather covered up the abuse, behavior and lies of the parents.

In 1998 our daughter and DSS, alleging sexual abuse of our grand children took us to court. We were never charged, arrested, photographed, finger printed and had to appear in court 19 times over more than a year's time. We were denied trial by jury, to call our witnesses, to take the stand to defend ourselves, to be confronted by our accusers, etc. but we were found guilty of failing to contest. Does this make sense?

There was no evidence of any sexual abuse and in fact, there were witnesses waiting to testify to our being set up but they were not interviewed or called to testify! That order was signed in 2001 -- now, in 2003 we have been found fit people to have custody of Noah and it was found upon examination of the DSS files that we had indeed been set up. These findings and decision took place in Henderson County, Hendersonville, NC and many supporters in the court rejoiced! The original judge who ruled us guilty is the same judge that has taken such terrible actions against the Dhermy family (details available from CLEAN, Inc.)

Remember that children are dying in Buncombe County, NC -- and families are being destroyed! Gloria Wright, Hendersonville, NC.

Fri Sept 12
Suzanne Shell, Director, American Family Advocacy Center

Author: Profane Justice

Fri Aug 15
Margy Flynn

Wrote a paper, "Citizens Empowerment", Constitutionalist, Law instructor, Reiki Master
A portion of Margy Flynn's writing about her case: I have an action pending in federal court in New Mexico against a large Texas corporation and their Oklahoma attorneys. My experience has clearly shown that "justice" is not afforded in the courts of this land, especially to a non-licensed attorney litigant such as me, who is not politically connected to the powers that be.


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